All Age & Family Services

Why not invite Mark to come and speak at one of your church's All Age Worship or Family Services?
Mark's puppet, Tommy, often makes an appearance at family and all age worship services.

Mark longs to see All Age Worship that enables the whole congregation to engage with God, no matter what their age or learning style. This is not your typical children’s talk followed by an adult talk, but a whole service, planned to bring the youngest to the oldest together in worship.

Typically Mark will ask the church leaders to open and close the service, to be familiar faces for visitors to recognise next time. Mark can lead the songs, either on guitar using the excellent iSing app, or guide the music leaders in suitable song choices. There will be a Bible retelling, with an application talk featuring his skills as a Christian magician and gospel illusionist, followed by an interactive prayer activity. It may also feature a visit from one of Mark’s puppets, like Tommy (shown left). When you contact Mark you will be able to discuss your service theme and readings, or he can suggest a suitable theme for your service.

Training for leaders

Mark offers training for leaders responsible for All Age Worship.

This can be booked as a package where Mark will run a practical workshop for your leadership team, and lead a service for you.

Tell us about your service and how Mark can help you bring God’s word to life for all ages

Top Tips for all Age Worship

We have put together some helpful hints for your own Family Service planning.

I will never forget the Holy Trinity represented by a Mars Bar, or your strait jacket escape whilst telling the Easter story.


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