Circus Skills Workshops

Ideal for Youth Organisations

Want to try something different with youth group or uniformed organisation?

Why not book Mark for a Circus Skills workshop?

Mark runs 45 – 60 minute workshops. Each workshop costs £50 to £60 (plus travel expenses) as a special rate for GirlGuiding and Scouting groups (upto 30 participants).


Circus Performer badge as used in GirlGuiding.

Find out more about the variety of fun circus skills that your unit members (and leaders) will experience…

Peacock Feather Balancing

Balancing is an essential circus skill. Mark uses long peacock feathers to teach the basic principles of balancing an object that we can apply to other equipment, like spinning plates, later in the workshop.

Spinning plates

Learn to spin a specially designed plastic plate. Mark will teach the simple method for starting off your plate, easy tricks with it and then the more advanced method to give it extra spin.

Juggling Scarves

Learning to juggle three items is hard – especially when they bounce and roll all over the place. So we make it easy by starting with juggling brightly coloured scarves, working up from 1…2  to eventually 3 scarves. Many participants make amazing progress and are wowed by how well they can pick this up (excuse the pun).

Juggling Tri-its

A Tri-it is a bean bag designed for young and not so young hands to learn to juggle balls. They are much easier to work with as they are easier to grab and don’t roll. When your group has made good progress with scarves, Mark will demonstrate how to juggle these before they try them out for themselves. There are also simple ways to make your own juggling bean bags using balloons and rice (see here).

Modelling Balloons

For older groups (Year 2 and up), Mark will get everyone making their very own balloon dog! Mark will inflate the balloons ready so you can all enjoy this easy hands on activity (including leaders). He will also give you tips on how to make your own models.

Spinning plates great for circus workshops for Guides or Brownie units

Great for GirlGuiding units, Rainbows, Brownies, and Guides – as experienced at One World, One Beat Midlands 2010.

Bring the fun of the circus to your unit.